Experience the thrill of a lifetime as you make your first skydive harnessed to one of our professional instructors. After a 20 minute introduction you will get on one of our pink skyvans and fly up to 13,500 feet! Challenge your courage as you step out into the air and freefall for 60 seconds. Fell the rush while flying through the air with up to 120mph! Your instructor will deploy your parachute at 5,500 feet and during the 5-7 minutes canopy flight, you will be able to enjoy the beatiful view as you glide down to earth. 

Tandem prices:

Tandem skydive 4000 m (up to 90 kg incl. clothes):

235,- EUR

Tandem skydive 4000 m (from 90,1 to 95 kg incl. clothes): 

290,- EUR

Tandem skydive 6000 m (up to 90 kg incl. clothes):

360,- EUR

Tandem skydive 6000 m (from 90,1 to 95 kg incl. clothes): 

430,- EUR

Photos 4000 m / 6000 m:

50,- EUR / 70,- EUR

Video 4000 m / 6000 m:

110,- EUR / 130,- EUR

Photos+Video 4000 m / 6000 m:

130,- EUR / 150,- EUR

Storno fee:

50,- EUR

Contact manifest@pink.at  for booking tandem and our tandem schedule!

Tandem price doesn't include transportation, accommodation, food...

Please contact manifest@pink.at  if you need any assistance with your travels.