Learn Skydiving!

ACCERELATED FREEFALL - your first step to becoming to skydiver

The accelerated freefall (AFF) training has been invented and developed in the USA in the early 1980's and has become the state of the art training method for skydivers all over the wolrd.

Our experienced instructors have multiple ratings and are trained to accompany you through your first skydives. 
The AFF programm includes three training jumps with two instructors and four training jumps with one instructor. Passing each level, you will get one step closer to your solo skydives. After cleared solo, you will continue jumping under the supervision of our instructors and coaches. Your skydiving experience will also include theory sessions and trainings throughout the course until you are ready to take a test and getting zour USPA A-license!

The International Pink Parachute Club was founded in 1986. We have been involved in the skydiving business for over 25 years and run our own school since 2002! Our training center is located at SKYDIVE PINK KLATOVY in the beatiful Czech republic. Our INTERNATIONAL INSTRUCTORS include austrians, germans, americans and spanish. Your course will be help in english.

During the 6 hours of ground training, you will be introduce to skydiving and get trained for your first jump.
Using the real equipment you will practice exits, freefall, canopy control and landing.
On your second day at the dropzone you will gear up and get ready for your first skydive with two instructors:

Three training skydives with two instructors
Two instructors are assigned to each individual student and, weather permitting, you will be able to gear up and make your skydive! This provides for 40 seconds of freefall directly supervised by two certified instructors and allows you to land your parachute with radio instruction. During your second and third training jumps you continue to learn the basic movements of body flight and ground reference awareness as you fall with your instructors next to you.

Four training skydives with one instructor
you learn basic control during freefall such a minor turns and forward flight, the skills required for more precise turns, forward movement, spotting (directing the aircraft to a sefa exit point) and more advanced maneuvers, including loops and recovery from planned unstable body positions. When you're ready you will give your instructor a 'SOLO' demonstration of the skills you have learned.

Your 8th skydive - SOLO!
You will continue jumping under the supervision of your instructors, make five coach jumps and two low altitude jumps and continue your training to become a great skydiver!

Packages, prices, requirements...
Our AFF all inclusive package does not only include all AFF levels, but also as many jumps as you can make during the set time frame!

Pick up/drop off at Prague International airport
Accommodation in 2-bed room at the dropzone
AFF ground training
AFF level 1-7 (rejumps not included)
Solo jumps - all you can jump!
Rental equipment
Instructor supervision
Training sessions
5 coach jumps with rated instructor/coach
Examination jump
License exam
USPA A-licence and 1st year of membership

Contact manifest@pink.at for dates and prices!

Age: You must be 16 years of age to start your course
If you are a minor, you have to bring a written approval from your guardian!
Weight: Your maximum weight must not exceed 90 kg
Height: You can not be taller than 190 cm
Health: You must be good health, no major injuries within the last 24 months
You will be required to sign a waiver before starting your ground lesson!
Payment: We require a deposit of 370,- EUR upon registration
The course must be paid in full prior start
We accept wire transfer, cash or credit card (VISA or MasterCard)
Our prices are cash prices - A 3% service charge will be added to CC payments!

Thant's what you'll find in Skydive PINK Klatovy
If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us
Please contact us for price information and information on our specials (AFF28 training, ALL Inclusive training, ...)


Prices, dates and trainings are subject to change without notice!