The PINK Skyvan Prices

Prices at PINK Boogies

Altitude: 4000 m        all prices in EURO

Solo Ticket: E 32,--
VIP-Ticket: E 28,50
Tandem Ticket: Ticket Tandemmaster + E 44,--

Below 2000m: E 17,--
Balloonjump 1000+m: E 106,--
Ballonjump below 1000m: E 61,--
High Altitude Jump FL200: E 56,--; VIP: E 51,--


Normal: E 50,--  /year (get every 11th jump free during the week)
VIP: E 180,--  /year (pay the VIP-Ticket price)

Courses and Seminars:

Relative Work
E 230,-- 
E 215,-- for VIP-members 
plus your  tickets

E 350,--
E 3
10,-- for VIP-members
plus your tickets
Includes: ground coaching and
10 coachjumps during the course.

Coachjumps (One on one)
E 45,--
Includes: coach slot, coaching fee, video of the dive, dirt dive, video debrief

Rental gears

E 20,-- per jump, E 50,-- per day

Coach and Tandemcourse

Tandem as a passenger
E 235,-- (max. 90kg)

Tandemvideo E 110,--

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Prices are subject to change without notice.

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