The PINK Skyvan Staff

The PINK Skyvan Staff

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Thomas Lewetz owner of the PINK Syvan, 10000+ jumps, commercial pink skyvan pilot/ instructor, balloon instructor, gas balloon vice world champion 1994, USPA coach, AFF/Static Line instructor, 5 times Austrian Champion in 4-way RW, World Record attempt team member 2000, POP's member, World Record holder 300-way and 400-way, aircraft mechanic

Christian "Wuzi" Wagner 10000+ jumps, first tandemjump at the age of 3 1/2, first solojump at the age of 14 in 1996, multiple national champion in Artistic Events and Canopy Piloting, world Champion in Canopy Piloting, multiple medals in World Cups and WC in Canopy Piloting, World Record holder, aerial stuntman, Freefly/RW instructor, USPA Coach, USPA AFF Instructor, PRO Rating holder, Balloonpilot, aircraft mechanic

Petr Hlavacek 2000+ jumps, commercial pink skyvan pilot, aircraft mechanic, USPA Coach, USPA AFF Instructor, accuracy 

Björn Korth 4000+ jumps, Freefly/RW instructor, USPA Coach, AFF/Static Line instructor

Pablo Iragorri 9000+ jumps, RW/Freefly Coach, AFF Instructor, Tandem, Tandem/AFF examiner, SDU Coach, 4/8way Coach, Load Organizer

Phillip Artweger 50+ jumps, commercial pink skyvan pilot, glider pilot

Dieter Malina skydiver, commercial pink skyvan pilot 13000+ hrs, jet pilot, glider pilot, commercial pilot instructor, balloon pilot

Markus Immig skydiver, commercial pink skyvan pilot 2500+ hrs, glider pilot

Philipp Salzinger commercial pink skyvan pilot

Jörg Mayerböck commercial pink skyvan pilot

Karin Rammel Office

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