Canopy Piloting Training in Skydive Pink Klatovy


Train in Skydive Pink Klatovy for the upcoming Canopy Piloting competitions throughout Europe!

We offer a 100x300 feet swoop pond.

Our Skyvan flies in Klatovy according to our schedule (www.pink.at/schedule.htm).
We also have a Cessna that will fly with 4 jumpers (contact uschi@pink.at if you are interested).
Time to 1300 Meters: 6 Minutes or less.

Packing and rigging available on site

Check out the Klatovy-Page for information about the DZ.
Packers and rigging available all year!


from 5:00 a.m. (or sunrise) until sunset. Please contact us for registration!

For more information or registration contact Uschi at uschi@pink.at 

 Link to the World Cup of Canopy Piloting 2011



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